A stylish fireplace will also make any living room, or even an outdoor patio retreat, look charming and feel cozy. Furthermore, they provide us with natural and much-cherished warmth during the colder months, turning frosty nights into toasty, snug evenings.

Fireplace Designs

In light of our love for fireplaces, here are 25 beautiful designs that will keep you warm this winter.

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Look at how that gorgeous fireplace complements this stunning transitional living room by interior designers, Bayberry Cottage.

Source: www.bayberrycottage.com


This transitional fireplace, designed by Joanne Jakab, is subtle, simple, stylish, charming, and beautiful.

Source: www.joannejakab.com


This stone fireplace is huge!

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Beautiful stone wall feature with fireplace.

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Charming traditional style arch fireplace.

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Stunning grey modern fireplace with a raised hearth designed by Betty Wasserman.

Source: www.bettywasserman.com


Beautiful flat hearth modern style fireplace.

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Gorgeous stone fireplace with a flush hearth.

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Modern fireplace with a flat hearth.

Source: www.minimalisti.com


The raised hearth on this fireplace offers an excellent place to store your firewood!

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Another gorgeous piece by interior designer Betty Wasserman. The style and bold white of this fireplace works wonders for this modern house.

Source: www.bettywasserman.com


A unique modern design of an open fireplace.

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A beautiful black and white contrast.

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This extra-wide fireplace takes advantage of its size by spreading warmth all throughout this lovely, modern home.

Source: www.houzz.co.uk


Modern fireplaces also have substantial heat efficiency. From the looks of this fire, I can imagine this room must be very warm!

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This fireplace looks futuristic-rustic… if that is a category!

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An unusual but creative spot for a floating fireplace.

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A fire burns just as well in a fireplace that’s shaped outside of the norm, especially with a firewood storage so genius and efficient as this!

Source: olpos.com


As if the view wasn’t already beautiful enough, this fireplace only further embellishes the scene.

Source: emgn.com


A very simple but beautiful design.

Source: www.minimalisti.com


This outdoor fireplace by Susan Hersker is absolutely brilliant. Summer nights would be especially cosy sitting around this fire.

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For regions that aren’t affected much by the cold of winter, outdoor fireplaces are perfect.

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An outdoor fireplace with stone surround and a raised hearth.

Source: www.solusdecor.com


I would spend all night lounging by the fire if I had this dreamy space!

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This enchanting and magnificent fireplace looks like something out of a fairytale.

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