Whether you’re a bona fide Apple nerd who stands in line for hours every time there’s a new product launch (hey, we’re not judging) or you’re just a gadget guy, the Apple watch is one of the most talked about new pieces of technology on the market.

If you finally caved and bought one, it’s time to start accessorizing it. The Apple Watch is no different than your iPhone—you agonized over what case to get to put your own stamp on it, right? Well, you can make your Apple watch your own by adding your own watchband to it.

And while there aren’t a ton of good-looking options out there (yet), we’ve rounded up the 12 very best to make your Apple Watch look even cooler. Now you can answer the question, “Hey, do you know what time it is?” with supreme confidence.

Clockwork Synergy Black & Silver Band
Think of this preppy striped nylon band as your watch’s weekend wardrobe—the military-style band adds a casual vibe to your wrist, it fits both Apple watch sizes, and you can customize the finish on the band’s hardware.>>>READ MORE