These ten ghostly astronomical sights house some deep-and-frightening scientific truths within them.

This Hubble image of a protoplanetary disk around the young star Fomalhaut, with a detected planet inside, resembles an eerie, fiery eye that plays a prominent role in a certain fantasy story. But even this object cannot crack the top 10 on our list.

This ‘Godzilla’ asterism is revealed by NASA’s Fermi satellite, which views the entire 360-degree sky in gamma rays. Godzilla may not be visible to your naked eye, but is recognized by NASA nonetheless.(NASA / FERMI TEAM)

Occasionally, what we find evokes terrifying feelings within us.

The Bird, also known as the Tinker Bell triplet, is made of three colliding galaxies located 650 million light-years away. Three-galaxy mergers are rare, but this clearly looks like a winged fairy holding a Rambo/Terminator-style weapon. (ESO).>>>READ MORE