Purchasing a Rolex is a significant milestone for many first-time buyers and experienced collectors. Registered as a trademark in 1909, the name Rolex has been synonymous with excellence, performance, prestige, and innovation for more than a century. Its stellar reputation has earned it a spot on the wrists of powerful and influential men across politics and culture like Winston Churchill, Steve McQueen, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Elvis Presley, John F. Kennedy, Che Guevara, and many more. And for each of these men, their Rolex watches have served as a statement.

Vintage Rolex Oysterdate
The Rolex OysterDate is considered an excellent entry-level watch by most horologists. While it may be lacking in some of the features that have come to define the brand — automatic movement, chronometer certified, — it’s not lacking in unadulterated essentialism. The Oyster was a monumental innovation for Rolex. The world’s first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch featured a hermetically sealed case deemed perfect for protecting the movement that’s played a key role in the company’s reputation for precision and excellence. If a first Rolex purchase feels out of reach, consider a gently used OysterDate to get your collection moving.>>>READ MORE