I moved to USA two years ago. I’ve just graduated from Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris and was wondering, what to do with my pastry degree in the city, as huge and uncomfortable (by my personal opinion) as New York. So, my best idea for next 1,5 years was to work 55 hours a week in restaurants, trying to figure out what can I do to become my own chef and start to create my own art.

Then I met those two guys. Couple, whose paintings and sculptures were stunning, almost perfect. I say almost – because those masterpieces weren’t edible.) Long story short – that’s how we created our baby – White April Cakes, where both of us got a chance to create our own Art. My chance is to show that custom cakes HAVE to be not only beautiful outside, but on the inside – it isn’t about boring red velvet with cream cheese filling any more, it’s about all techniques, flavours and textures from France and from all around the world, too. At the same time my friends work hard to prove that art can exist not only in museums or private collections, but even on your sweet table. Even if you ate it, it will always be in your heart.

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