Whether or not you’re a cat lover, you’ll certainly be able to appreciate some of the essential truths about our furry feline companions written by Angie Bailey in her “Texts from Mittens the Cat” on Catster.

The blog series, which many are comparing to the hilarious Text From Dog, illustrates the kinds of conversations humans and cats might have if cats could text with iPhones. Bailey, a prolific writer who is clearly consumed by her love for cats, portrays a cat doing most of the things that domestic cats do best – begging for food at inappropriate times, doing their best to open doors into rooms that they will then refuse to enter, and leaving dead mice on your pillow.

Bailey’s texting cat follows in the footsteps of Text From Dog and other sites that give our pets a modern voice. If your pet, or an animal you know, could speak, what would they say?

Source: Catster | Cover image by: 37prime (via)