Students at Chippewa Secondary School are learning how difficult parenting is the hard way and people are loving every bit of their misery. As part of their annual class project, the teens got fake babies to take care of. They took the little bundles of joy for just one weekend. However, that was enough for the hands-on experimental learning to become quite the hassle. Looking for answers or simply a shoulder to cry on, the students turned to their instructor. The texts they sent perfectly sum up the desperation, agony, and resentment they spiraled into during those couple of days.

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Image credits: Chippewa Secondary School

“Our students are in a grade 11 class called Raising Healthy Children,” the teacher of the class, Andrea Lefebvre told Bored Panda. “The students bring home one of the Real Care babies for the weekend to apply their learning for the caring for a newborn unit.

Lefebvre said that the babies cry, need to be held, rocked, burped, diapers need to be changed and they need to be fed. The dolls also record rough handling, abuse and temperatures. So I guess the only thing they’re missing is a never-wiping snot and they’d be the real deal.