There comes a point in every girl’s life when…well…certain things start to happen to their body. Like, you know, the whole period thing. But while adjusting to this change can be a little difficult, it isn’t half as difficult as finding the required “feminine hygiene products” in the supermarket. Why? Because (whisper it) vaginas are secret, that’s why.

Check out this hilarious exchange between Belinda Hankins and her 13-year-old daughter to see what we mean. She recently posted it on Facebook and it’s since gone viral with more than 50k shares.

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Belinda Hankins recently shared these funny texts after her daughter went to buy “feminine hygiene products”

As you can see, it didn’t take her daughter long before she ran into trouble

Eventually she found them in the “Secret Section”

She even drew a map to the “The Vagina Zone”