In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s recent sex scandal, the debate on sexual assault and harassment has reached an all-time boiling point. With so much adversity being directed toward victims, it’s not hard to see why some choose to keep their ordeal inside. One 18-year-old former Chili’s employee decided to raise her voice about a manager that sexually harassed her over a period of 2 years, and the reaction she was met with proves exactly why so many suffer in silence.

Emily Houser was just 16 when she started working at a Chili’s restaurant in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. She claims that her manager, Josh Davidson, took an immediate interest in her, and began showing up at her home and school with unwanted gifts on a frequent basis. When all of his advances were rejected, he began treating Emily with contempt at work, and apparently moved on to another young girl. That was the final straw for Emily, who then reported Davidson’s actions to the Chili’s corporate headquarters – and got him transfered to a different location.

Her former coworkers weren’t too happy with how it all went down, and decided to post a particularly cruel joke on Instagram after Emily herself resigned from the restaurant. Though it left her with a bruised soul, a Chili’s spokesperson has since told Buzzfeed News that Davidson has now been fired altogether. A bittersweet ending to a saddening story. Read more below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

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This is Emily Houser, an 18-year-old who bravely reported her former Chili’s manager for harassing her

Image credits: Emily Houser

After the manager was transferred away as a result, she turned on Instagram to find this

They had sided with the popular Josh Davidson, who Emily says stalked and propositioned her over a 2-year period

Image credits: Anthony92931

Though she had then left Chili’s, she reported the ‘party’ to corporate headquarters, leading to Davidson’s firing

Image credits: Emily Houser

People are saying that this is exactly why so many victims of assault and harassment choose to stay silent

Others, however, sense more to the story

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