Have you ever wondered how you might look if you switched clothes with someone of the opposite gender? Canadian photographer Hana Pesut has set out to deal with that question in “Switcharoo,” which features cute couples photographed in their outfits and then again after they a clothes swap.

The photo idea was born on a camping trip when Pesut decided to photograph two of her friends who were dressed very differently: “One was wearing tie-dye, sequins, leopard print, lots of silk scarves. Everything was very bright and colorful. The other was wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt. I thought it would be fun if they switched outfits, and I decided to take before and after photos”,- said Hana.

The result is a playful photo series that invites discussion and reflection on gender norms and gender swap. Some of the couples accentuate the switch by matching each other’s poses in these cool photos. Do all of them really look “wrong” in the swapped photographs?

Pesut is a self-taught photographer from a small Canadian mountain town. Since embarking on her funny photo series in 2010, however, she has traveled around the globe, met hundreds of beautiful people, gained worldwide recognition, and published a book. Not bad, eh?

Website: sincerelyhana.com