Andreas Warren Matti was supposed to become an artist. But he decided to become a photographer. Now he is stuck in a world between art and photography, trying to be a commercial fashion photographer. His latest project is called “Sweatlight”, and was inspired by a mere look at the contents of his holiday suitcase. “Just before last Christmas (2012) I was getting ready to go up to the Alps. I remembered having some warm sweatshirts stored in a suitcase. As I opened the suitcase and went through some of my winter clothes, I suddenly remember saying to myself: Cheeez, don‘t I have a lot of striped sweatshirts!”

This sight instantly shaped into an artistic idea in Andreas’ head. He originally intended to take a picture of all the sweatshirts next to each other, lined up to their stripes. Instead, this idea evolved into a 4 day project. Check out the witty adventures of Andreas’ sweatshirts below!