A 24-year-old from New York City, Ben Zank first picked up the camera by coincidence while rummaging through his grandmother’s attic at the age of 18.

Zank’s style thrives on spontaneity and minimalism, allowing him to create compelling imagery using very little material. In a recent interview about his work, Zank says, “The images represent an ongoing experience of emotions that I feel, the most recent being isolation and a longing to connect with another human being.”

Ben Zank is currently living and working in New Zealand.

More info: benzank.com | Instagram | Facebook

Being only one person, he uses basic photoshop techniques to create his imagery

Zank has often said he is mildly colorblind, which is why a lot of his work is black and white

However, yellow seems to be a reoccurring color in his photographs

“I get very distracted by crazy environments. I just like the idea of being able to look at an image and instantly be affected by it”

“Instead of being bombarded by distractions, you’re just focusing on one thing and taking it all in”

“Just shoot every day. Don’t stop. Don’t get too comfortable, because if you are then you need to try something new”

“The only way you can grow is by putting yourself out there every day”

“I don’t think I would be where I am today without the 365 project. I have to put emphasis on that, because that project changed my life”

“It really accelerated my learning process and gave me the discipline I need”