Demiutopia is a creative collaboration between me, Evisa Isabella Rose based in Greece, and Duan Mackenzie based in New York City.

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This idea started after I found Duan Mackenzie’s photos on Instagram. Despite the fact that I live in Greece and Duan lives in New York, I noticed a lots of similarities between our photos. So, half of the planet is a photo taken by me, and the other one is taken by Duan. Different cities, different countries, different people, different places but you can see how well they blend together.

The main message of this project is one: We are more ALIKE than different! And if we are different, we can find beauty there too! We can be devided or we can choose to be united! We live under the same sky and on the same land! Don’t ever forget that…

When you look at a photo of our planet taken from the space, do you see any borders? Cause I don’t see any! The most dangerous borders are those inside someone’s head! Replace the word “hate” with “curiosity” and you might find a “treasure” in front of you. We were born with a heart inside our bodies. Please let’s use it.

My goal for this project is to be able to travel more and more and more. I believe that love, creativity and art are the only hope to heal our world! Let’s spread this message together!

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