We actually got naked to send a message out there, that has nothing to do with the company we work for, and therefore this project exceeds any monetary goals. This video is an effort as women, is what we believe in and what we stand for.

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Women should, instead of apologising for who they are, embrace and love themselves. They should be reminded every day that being different is what actually makes them unique, and makes them... THEM. They should not fit into stereotypes just because society expects them to do that way. Haters will always hate, either you do a good or a bad thing. So do only good things for yourself, even though people think it's bad. YOU have to be happy, not to make society happy. We got your back!

More info: sugardaters.co.uk




pinkbubble 6 months ago

Guys are certainly not seen as trashy after having more than 5 partners.. why women should?




Matthew Peeples 4 months ago

hi call me