Working as a stylist for 15 years already, I heard the famous saying ‘you only wear 30% of your wardrobe’ probably a thousand times. We all have our own wardrobe staples that we constantly wear – and it’s not always the most basic things. You can often see me casually rocking my glitter T-Shirt or a tulle skirt. Nevertheless, when I am not in my ‘diva fashion’ moments, I still have ‘nothing-to-wear’ headaches in the morning.

That’s why I decided to take on a challenge to prove that ‘wearing 30% of our wardrobe’ is not a hox. I selected 12 items from my wardrobe to see if I could survive 30 days by mixing and matching items to create distinctive looks for every day. And, of course, I kept a visual diary of the process.

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These were the 12 items I picked from my wardrobe to wear for a month

Day 1: Silver shoes, jeans, turtleneck and a leather jacket

Day 2: Jumped into new shoes and the outfit already feels different!

Day 3: Little black dress, the same turtleneck and black high heels today

Day 4: Leather jacket and a jumper, styled with jeans & black heels

Day 5: Sequins! Leather jacket, sequin T-Shirt paired with mini skirt and sparkly shoes

Day 6: Wearing long shirt, leather jacket, jeans with black open-toe heels

Day 7: Yes, just a little black dress with black open-toe heels

Day 8: Morning outfit from turtleneck jumper, mini skirt and open-toe heels

Day 9: Little black dress, leather jacket and sparkling shoes for my cool look

Day 10: Turtleneck and leather jacket, paired with mini skirt and black high-heels for a semi-casual look

Day 11: Jumper, mini skirt and glitter shoes

Day 12: Pleated skirt with a black dress (worn as a top) and open-toe heels

Day 13: Challenging myself with white shirt, pleated skirt and black high heels

Day 14: Pleated skirt looks so good with a striped turtleneck!

Day 15: Classy combination: white shirt + jeans

Day 16: Sequin T-Shirt under a shirt, paired with a pleated skirt

Day 17: White shirt with mini skirt and open-toe high heels

Day 18: Feeling glamorous wearing sequin T-Shirt and a mini skirt, paired with shiny shoes

Day 19: I paired sequin T-Shirt with jeans

Day 20: Little black dress, my statement jumper and shiny heels

Day 21: You can easily turn your little black dress into a top

Day 22: White shirt, mint skirt and high heels

Day 23: Simply jumped into a pair of glitter shoes

Day 24: Mint skirt, striped turtleneck and glitter shoes for today

Day 25: Opted for a jumper, white shirt, pleated skirt and shiny heels

Day 26: Multi-colour pleated skirt paired with a jumper and shiny heels

Day 27: White shirt underneath my jumper, paired with jeans and black heels

Day 28: Black dress underneath a jumper, paired with black heels

Day 29: Enjoying myself in a jumper and jeans

Day 30: Wrapping up the month in a pleated skirt, jumper, leather jacket and open-toe heels

I hope that my visual diary helped you realize that having ideas of what to wear isn’t about having thousands of items in your wardrobe. It’s really about getting smart which item goes well with the things you already own. And that’s something you need to consider when you go shopping next time. Stop splashing large sums of money on clothing that you will only wear once. Plus, taking a healthy and sustainable approach when it comes to fashion is not a bad thing, right?

I changed my tops and kept the green tulle skirt to create versatile looks

I realized that this tulle skirt looks well with bolder jumpers and statement shirts

One statement jumper allowed me to style multiple bold looks

Little black dress is so versatile

Why on earth didn’t I wear my pleated skirt more often? It’s totally a life-saver!

Oh, loved my tomboy looks with a white shirt!

My sequin T-Shirt helped me put together playful outfits

For my model-off-duty looks, I looked no further than my leather jacket

Totally in love with my monochrome looks!

When you’re about to go out, a mini skirt is definitely a staple!