Everybody has that one thing, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a blanket or a toy, that’s worn out to the core but still irreplaceable. That one thing that’s been there with you for all those years, that you’ve created a load of memories with. Mark Nixon’s photo series “Much Loved” pays homage to such emotional attachments by featuring teddy bears and other stuffed toys that have been cherished by their owners for decades.

The project began when Nixon noticed his son Calum’s devotion to his stuffed toy Peter Rabbit. “I was struck by the way he squeezed it with delight when he was excited, the way he buried his nose in it while sucking his thumb, and how he just had to sleep with Peter every night,” said the photographer. After the project started developing, he was surprised by how many adults responded to his idea: “Their strength of feeling took me by surprise. While waiting, they would tell me some usually funny story about their teddy or would speak emotionally about what it meant to them.” Check out the collection below, which also features Mark’s own childhood buddy, Panda (maybe a distant relative of ours?).

Website: marknixon.com

Pink Teddy, 24 years old

One Eyed Ted/Aloysius, 55+ years old

Brownie, 30 years old

Teddy Gilligan, age unknown

Panda, 50 years old

Flopsie, 6 years old

Teddy, 40+ years old

Daddy Bunny, 8 years old

Teddy, age unknown

Beary, 6 years old

Ted Ted, 5 years old

Teddy Moore, 43 years old

Gerry the Giraffe, 10 years old

Peter Rabbit, 10 years old

Edward, 104 years old

Louis, 42 years old

Bobo, 34 years old

Teddy, 51 years old