Anthimos Ntagkas is a street photographer from Greece. The moments captured in his images could be described as funny or sometimes even peculiar coincidences. However, it is not all about the coincidence, and more about the photographer who is always on alert, aware of whatever is happening around him. Ntagkas manages to find himself in the right place at the best time and point his camera toward some specific scene at a very particular second. Then he shoots one of his very unique photographs capturing ordinary scenes with an extraordinary outcome.

Today we prepared for you another portion of great shots by Anthimos. As Ntagkas mentioned during the interview featured in our previous Bored Panda post about his work: “Street photography is more artistic and creative. It is not only capturing the moment and the people in the streets but you also have to be an artistic director in order to combine people and elements in a fascinating perspective.” Let’s dive into the list of the most recent shots from Anthimos, and admire his artistic approach to street photography.

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We have reached out to Anthimos Ntagkas again, to get a glimpse into his creative process and find out more about his recent works. First, we wanted to know how photography came into Ntagkas' life. He said: “I always wanted to start photography as a hobby. I didn't know anything about street photography and by looking at other people's work, I got excited and wanted to be a part of this.”

Next, we were wondering how an interest in street photography appeared in Anthimos’s life. He told us: “Street photography is more challenging and creative than other forms of photography and that was very appealing to me.”

Asked how he manages to capture these peculiar moments, the photographer revealed: “Everything plays a role when trying to capture a unique moment. First of all, it is experience and persistence. Sometimes luck also helps.”

We wanted to know if Anthimos got any specific education to become a photographer, or if he is self-taught in the craft. Ntagkas told us: “No, I didn't attend any photography courses. The only thing I studied was the work of other street photographers.”

Many of Anthimos’ photos have gone viral. We were curious how it feels to know many people have appreciated his work. He said: “At times I was noticing viral street photographs on the internet and I was imagining that one day one of mine will go viral. This helped me to try even harder the next time I was shooting a concept. When different sites started publishing my photos I couldn't believe that they were mine. I wasn't expecting it when it started. All this success just made me work harder and be more demanding of myself.”

Then, we wanted to know if the photographer has had an exhibition of his work. We found out that: “Many times and in some unusual places. My most recent is an ongoing exhibition at the lobby of a movie theater in Athens, Greece. The owner of the theater noticed my work on the internet and decided to decorate the lobby of his theater with my work.”

Lastly, we asked what advice Anthimos would give to other people passionate about photography who see their future in that field. He told us: “It is very important to see the work of other street photographers, and always try to incorporate your own personal identity in your photos.”

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