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Street Artist Spends 15 Years Cleaning The Perfect Square
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Art2 years ago

Street Artist Spends 15 Years Cleaning The Perfect Square

Conceptual artist Amy Jackson based in East London has been cleaning squares for fifteen years and I can’t stop looking at them.

This street art which is a commentary on mental health seems more relevant now than ever and the images are beautiful.

Over the last decade and a half, the artist has cleaned over 4,000 squares all over the world, this is a selection of my favourites.

More info: Instagram

Through The Window

Image credits:

This dusty window in Yorkshire looks like it has been abandoned for many years.

A Beautiful Oak

Image credits:

This large oak tree sits in front of a beautiful Georgian mansion where Amy Jackson has carefully cleaned hundreds of years of moss into a perfect square.

Cleaning Apparel

Image credits:

Yikes, I wouldn’t fancy meeting her in person whilst at work.

Atop A Vending Machine

Image credits:

I have no idea how Amy Jackson climbed up here but it’s certainly refreshing.

Messing Around In The Art Studios

Unlike most artists who paint, Amy Jackson finds this too messy and decides to clean paint away instead.

Laundry Time

Most people wash their clothes but this artist creates beautiful images on the way to the laundry.

A Great Gate

Decades of moss has been stripped back to reveal a perfect square.

Tremendous Tarmac

Image credits:

It is amazing how clean this filthy gravel has shaped up. Artist Amy Jackson has labelled each square with the time and date of each square. This one dates back to 2004!

Looking In

Image credits:

Is this the same filthy window from the previous picture? I wouldn’t fancy venturing into this abandoned out house on my own but it looks as though the artist has cleaned a perfect square to look out from the window. Perhaps this was her studio once?

Clean and Green

Image credits:

I still can’t work out how the gets the lines so sharp. If she uses masking tape why doesn’t it leave a mark!?

Antique Doors and Marble Floors

Another perfect square in what looks like an abandoned Georgian building taken in 2006.

Satisfying Slats

Image credits:

I love the shape this square creates on these slanted slats.


Image credits:

I’m not too sure that I’d fancy hanging this in my house but it’s pretty fun to look at!

Tack Room

Image credits:

Another nice square in a rather fusty tack room.

Green Screen

Image credits:

I am not sure if there is a reason, but a lot of Amy Jackson’s squares seem to be green. Is this a comment on sustainability too? Who knows.

Dead Flies

Image credits:

Ewwww, this image from 2006 is quite macabre but still immensely satisfying. I wonder where this was taken.

Traffic Control

Image credits:

I don’t know where this one was taken but I hope the making of it didn’t distract to many motorists!

Yorkshire Stone

Image credits:

Finally, the most beautiful square of all, this traditional path has been cleaned from hundreds of years of moss to reveal the beautiful natural pattern of Yorkshire stone.


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