Four months after I graduated college, I found myself without a job and debating rather I should continue applying for jobs and write endless cover letters that never got read and interviews that never happened, or to follow an unconventional path as a brand strategist aka marketing consultant.

I couldn’t spend any more time debating which path I should take, knowing that in two months I would be expected to make my first college loan payment. Still not knowing which path to take, I decided for 31 days to take selfies with 31 strangers and ask them to give me one advice in the areas of relationship, life, work, and happiness.

I couldn’t believe what had happened next, click the link below to see what kind of advice I received from strangers.

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Profession: mail carrier. I don’t even remember the last time I spoke with a mail carrier, I just happened to go outside of my house and got my mail and saw the mail lady and decided I wanted to get an advice from her. Advice: “Try to learn from everything, You are here because of the decisions you made in the past so don’t regret them but learn from them.”

First time going to a town hall meeting. I can’t believe how much politics mess up human-beings. I think it’s more of whoever pays more gets their demand higher in the list.  Profession Interpreter, representation of the minority community. Advice: “It’s time to start representing the minority within our community.” Another advice I got but the person had to leave. “What’s right in our hearts is more important than what is in our pockets — coach O’Neil.”

Profession -Custodian- -advice- “Feel free on the things you do “ You probably won’t get the advice, it took me a while to understand as well. Think about it and translate it for yourself.

One of my favorite interactions! I accidentally went over a curb on to the Main Street ( it’s very common in the these particular gas station) I parked my car got down on the ground to make sure the bottom of my car was ok. This guy comes out of no where and tells to me to give him 20, I gave him 10 while laughing very hard! Profession Limo driver — Advice – “Give me 20, I know you can do it”

Profession  Master student -advice – Go with the flow! It’ doesn’t matter what kind of flow it is just go with it! The flow can be created by yourself, it doesn’t have to be a flow that everyone is going on. The most important thing is to face whatever life brings at you with a constant flow.

This person gave me the best advice ever. It’s been so long since I saw him, but one advice he gave me about a year ago has stuck with me. And I had the pleasure of running into him again. And guess what he gave me the same advice. Profession Business professor -advice- “If anyone comes to you and proposes the word sale, run away as fast as you can. You are not a sales man, you have so much more to offer, your very creative and I think you should find a place that will allow you to be creative” His advice is one thing that has allowed me to purpose marketing and being a brand strategist.

After waiting 2 hours to get my new #iPhone6s I was helped by one of the best Verizon Wireless customer service guy! -Profession- Customer service at Verizon wireless -Advice- “Be open to Change. What ever life throws at you just be open to change and adapt.”

ady on my the right. After I finished teaching tonight, I got to meet one of my students parent for the first time. I asked her to give me an advice. Profession Youth correctional officer -Advice – “Since your wearing a cross. Through out your day when something is wrong, find one thing to thank God about. That’s her pastor advice for me.”

Profession Worker at Dunkin donuts Advice “Enjoy your 20s, I am 25 and didn’t get to do that” A lady asked me what I was doing and explained to my project. Her advice to me was – “live at home and save all your money then travel ” These two advice really got me thinking about how everyone are afraid of living out their lives or pursuing their dreams, it’s as if they are telling me to just be smart and live a life that I want to live but at the same time be smart and enjoy it.

No I didn’t meet whoppi Goldberg However I did meet a nun, she wouldn’t take a picture with me, afraid of where the image might end up. Advice – be honest- Such a simple advice but so powerful. Be honest with yourself and the people around you.

Profession Logger -Advice- “You just turned 22, now you have to start working for the rest of your life ( he laughs) But you have to have fun in the weekends.”

Not everyday I get to meet an African American equestrian. When I saw him at the fair today, I was so taken back with shock, I knew I wanted to talk to him. Profession -Hotel manger -equestrian Advice- Follow your dreams. ” I am currently living mine right now, I love competing and traveling to do it”

I got to meet Patrick Sweeney!  Profession An ex-olympic level rower, entrepreneur and elite adventure racer. He holds the world record as the first person to mountain bike to Everest Base Camp at 18,000 feet. If you’re not scaring yourself at least once a month, you’re not living. He’s also here to teach other people how to do things that separate them from the rest of the pack and live the biggest life possible.