So you binge-watched season 2 of Stranger Things already and you got the major withdrawals? How are you gonna get through a WHOLE YEAR until season 3 comes out, maybe even more?

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Well with Christmas coming up, now might be a good time to be dropping hints as to what gifts you might like this year. What better than something a little stranger? Check out the list below, there is some awesome Stranger Things related stuff out there! Maybe tag your parents and friends too, just so they are, you know, aware.

Which one would be top of your wish list? Leave your vote in the comments below!

#6 Demogorgon Dog Hat

Demogorgon Dog Hat

dogsandhats Report

Alira 1 month ago

Demo-dog! Dustin *definitely* would keep this as pet.

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#7 Welcome To The Upside Down Doormat

Welcome To The Upside Down Doormat

Cloud9Craftss Report

Abby Rexroth 1 month ago

Almost as good as the doormat that says "Oh shit! Not you again!"

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#10 Eggo Crossbody Bag

Eggo Crossbody Bag

hottopic Report

Friedlander Rosenzweig 1 month ago

Ummmm, I’m waffling on making this purchase.

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