The moment hares have to decide to swim across

The hares swimming and making it to shore is a rare sight to most people, but it’s the easiest thing to photograph. The area is full of them, they are easy to spot, and they are good swimmers. So you will usually find some of them to capture, but then again, you have only 15 minutes for all of this. Mice, rats, and roe deer all are good swimmers, but it takes some effort for them to cross the rough sea.

They are actually excellent swimmers

The hare made it to higher land and is now safe

Gannet out at sea

Vole waiting for water levels to drop

Most of them usually make it to the dike; however, small animals like mice usually get killed. They are too small to run fast enough and if they live on the edge, it’s a 2-kilometer distance to the coast. Most of them drown when the sea surprises them. Half of the time, it happens in the night, giving the animals an even harder time and me no chance to photograph any of it. Days after the storm are usually very quiet. The coastline is covered in shells and even larger animals like juvenile grey seals that don’t always survive the force of the sea during the storm. This is all part of life in the Wadden Sea.

Roe deer

Harvest mouse made it

Rat race

Detail of death