What would you put inside a locket? Typically, people put photographs of their loved ones to keep close to heart, and this time it’s no exception, but with a little wholesome twist. American writer and editor Daisy Alioto had been trying to crack open her stepgrandmother’s beautiful vintage locket and what she found inside didn’t disappoint for a second. She probably expected to see photos of her husband, children, or grandchildren; however, her stepgrandmother had other family favorites she wanted to keep the memory of—pets. There were photos of a golden retriever and a cat inside the heart-shaped pendant and it was just too sweet not to share.

Alioto shared her adorable discovery in a tweet that charmed people online, gaining over half a million likes!

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Daisy Alioto found her stepgrandmother’s locket and was curious to peek inside to see what she was keeping close to her heart

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So she did and wasn’t disappointed with what she found

Image credits: daisandconfused

Image credits: daisandconfused

Image credits: daisandconfused

Inside the beautiful locket, there were old black and white photos of a dog and a cat

Image credits: daisandconfused

People loved the wholesome tweet and even shared what’s inside their lockets

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