Being a big photography nerd, I often encounter meetings with different animals, both domestic and wild. And most of the time they disappear before I even get the chance to take the camera out of my bag, but then there are these special moments when I meet the less scared personalities, the cool guys making the best models.

Recently I came across quite a few pictures where I got different looks from a whole bunch of animals. I found them funny and felt bored panda was the place to display them.

If you are the owner of a camera, I hope this “article” will give you inspiration to shoot those golden stare off-meetings. Enjoy!

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Apparently I was sitting in someone else’s territory

Definitely worth waiting 4 hours in the wet grass to get the shot

Group stare

You talking to me?

Chunky guy walking all the way from the tree to give me a stare

Baby hare running straight up to me not realizing I was sitting there, giving me a somewhat confused stare

Definition of golden stare

Me and Aragog sharing a stare

Got a cute stare from this little sausage (if you imagine ears on him, wouldn’t it look just like a dog?)

Somewhat of a cross eyed stare, but still!

Of course I needed to included a bird stare, have gotten countless of these while out and about

Scary stare, please don’t come any closer with that headgear!

So outraged by my presence…

These guys are pretty funny