Star Wars is without a doubt a pop-cultural behemoth. It has expanded its influence over several movies, television shows, video games, comics, and books. It is no wonder why it has one of the largest and most devoted fan bases worldwide and by extension an ever-expanding catalog of quality fan films.

“Bucketheads: A Star Wars Story” is one such example. Released in December 2018, this gritty action piece stunned viewers from all over the world and accumulated more than 1.6 Million YouTube Views and 81,000 + likes. Bucketheads has traveled to countless film festivals and won numerous awards, and though the production quality is worthy of the accolades, its fresh perspective that aims to humanize the Stormtroopers sets it apart from other Star Wars fan films.

Due to popular demand, co-creators Andy Brown and Marco Bossow of Transmute pictures (the production company behind the film) have developed a follow-up mini-series. Made up of 5 episodes, it follows their original Empire focused story set during the end of the Galactic Civil War from the perspective of the Stormtroopers of Nova Squad.

If you enjoyed the original short, have been craving more high-quality Star Wars content from the Empire’s perspective and are in a position to give, hop on over to their Patreon and pledge your support to this not-for-profit fan project.

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