Chinese hieroglyphs, butterflies and barbwires – typical things that first come to mind when talking about tattoos. But not for the tattoo artist Amanda Wachob, who is blurring the boundaries between classic and modern art techniques. Amanda says that many of these tattoos began as paintings – she simply swapped from using regular canvas to human skin. The vibrant colors and bold strokes are pulsing with energy and resemble the works of expressionist Jackson Pollock.

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Amanda is also doing other designs such as temporary bloodline tatoos. These are made by tattooing with water, which leaves only a red line of blood on your skin. The intention is for the body to absorb the energy of the symbol as the mark heals. It’s obvious that Amanda’s tattoos are really extraordinary but if you’re thinking about getting one better start saving (she charges $300 per hour) and booking now (she is booked for minimum 6 months in advance).