If climate change deniers need more proof that what’s happening with our planet is not normal, well, here it is. Storm Gloria is battering eastern Spain with extreme winds, heavy rainfall, huge waves, and even snowfall. Nine people have died already due to incidents related to weather extremities and four have been reported missing. Gloria has also left 220,000 people without electricity in the Tarragona region. As the storm continues ravaging Spain, Mallorca has been smashed with enormous waves and another town got filled with foam. Normally, sea foam forms when the ocean churns up high concentrations of organic matter. Although it often occurs naturally, pollution from contaminants found in sewage, detergents and fossil fuel can also be contributors to the formation of foam.

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Videos are surfacing on social media showing a holiday resort, Tossa de Mar, being filled with foam

The locals of Tossa de Mar which is located on the coastal Costa Brava woke up to a surreal sight of seafoam filling up the narrow streets of the old town. Footage of a woman trying to get into her house while walking through the sea of foam has been shared on Twitter and viewed over 3 million times up to this day.

Nine provinces in Spain are still on orange or yellow alert

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Another video that was also shared on Twitter shows foam hitting the streets and people posing for selfies in front of the surreal sight. The Interior Minister of Spain has described the storm as “exceptional” and nine provinces of the country are still on orange or yellow alert.

The Interior Minister has described the storm as “exceptional”

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Civil Protection Director for Catalonia – Isabel Ferrer – told the media that more rain is bound to hit the region, increasing the risk of flooding and overflowing rivers. “We are facing an emergency situation which is still not over,” Ms. Ferrer says.

Storm Gloria is expected to bring even heavier rains and flooding

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Local media reports that Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, and the Balearic have been by far affected the worst by Gloria. Some supermarkets in Mallorca told the media that they are running out of certain products as the extreme weather conditions had affected shipping from continental Spain.

Watch the footage of foam filling up the streets of the Spanish town below

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