When I heard about an event which sees an army of pint sized pooches gather just outside London I knew I had to go and check out if it was for real.

I am super pleased to reveal IT WAS!

Fest of Chihuahuas is the U.K’s biggest single breed dog festival and it’s as bonkers / brilliant as you’d imagine it to be.

Just under a thousand of the world’s smallest dogs attended the PETacular event to shop, meet others of their own size and take part in the famous annual dog talent contest – Chi Idol – Step aside Simon Cowell!!

Dogs dressed up in the latest canine couture, jumped their way through hoops on the agility course, shopped at hand picked boutiques, drank from the pawsecco booths, strutted their stuff in the dog photo studio, met celebriCHI attendees and Haus of Chihuahuas favourites Rocco and Indie and generally owned the place.

A sea of chihuahuas in every shape, size, colour and pattern imaginable filled the floor from corner to corner. It was quite a sight!

For the grand finale, hundreds of the pooches stretched and flexed their way through an official Guinness World Record Attempt for the World’s Largest Dog Yoga (DOGA) class which was led by Britains Got Talent favourite Mahny and Robbie. The results are expected on the 6th September.

The pawsome day out is the brainchild of Haus of Chihuahuas founder, Rachel Louise Monk, who set up the event as a way for chihuahua owners to meet, connect and celebrate their beloved pets in a safe, fun and unique environment.

The day had a serious undertone and aimed to educate about the rapidly growing numbers of chihuahuas in rescue centres.

Rachel says “people bring chihuahuas home expecting them to be ‘handbag dogs’ but the truth is they are just like any other dog – full of boundless energy and character. They don’t cope well with being cooped up and this is one of the reasons many are finding themselves homeless. We are working to raise as much awareness for Chihuahua Rescue UK – our events and online store are a great vehicle for that. Our mission is to bring together a massive worldwide community to break the stereotype that chihuahuas are an accessory whilst celebrating their brilliant traits and quirks. We can be found all over social media but the place place to join us is on our private Facebook Group – just search Haus of Chihuahuas Community”

The event went global this year with chihuahua lovers from as far as Brazil and the Canary Islands succumbing to the allure of seeing unprecedented numbers of their favourite dogs in one place at the same time.

Plans for the inaugural Christmas event are soon to be announced, keep your eye out on the FB group and, if necessary, clear your calendar – this won’t be one to miss!

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and premiere of the Fest of Chihuahuas video below!

Ari x

More info: Facebook

The Annual Fest of Chihuahuas – Guinness World Record Attempt Competitors

The biggest festival for the World’s smallest dog presented by Haus of Chihuahuas.

Queen of the BONE age

Fest of Chihuahuas 2017 – Highlights (filmed by WildPaws)

Fidget Spinning To Victory In The Best Trick Category

PET-acular to meet you!

Dog Tired!

The fun filled day takes its toll on some…

See me…RAWR

Haus of Chihuahua Resident Dogs Rocco and Indie Hosted The Event

Nama-stay – Pooches Take Part In The Official Guinness World Record Attempt

You looking at me, Chi?

Pooch Parade

CelebritCHI’s Judges at The Annual Chi Idol Competition

Honorary Chihuahua For The Day

The One and Only FestCHIval

What Do You Mean I Didn’t Come First!?

Special Guests Lucky and Isa Perform at Fest of Chihuahuas

Carry Me, Human

Real Men Love Chihuahuas

Every Chihuahua Needs A Throne

Pawsecco Booth

Smiles for Miles At The Annual Fest of Chihuahuas Event

The Pooches Dressed In The Finest Doggy Couture

Hundreds Of Dogs (and their humans) Gather For The Annual Fest of Chihuahuas

Best Trick Category – Chi Idol

Festival Goers Queue For The Annual CHI IDOL Competition

King of the Ring – Chi Idol

Look Out For The Fest of Chihuahuas Tag Coming To Your Town Soon!