Solargraphy is a very primitive and simple technique to take extremely long exposure photos. The resulting picture tells a story about changes during the time it were exposed. Still objects like houses, trees and anything else that never move are sharp, while other things, like different cars parked at the same space leave blurry shapes and constantly moving things become invisible. The most interesting part of the picture is the sun. It’s everyday movement is captured as bright lines in the sky. Each line is a day when the sun was raising and setting.

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From the photograph you can even tell what days were cloudy – short cuts in the Sun-traced lines are made by clouds covering the Sun, missing lines mean that the whole day was cloudy.  To make this possible a pinhole camera is made from a lightproof can or box, a sheet of light sensitive photo paper and a tiny hole instead of a lens. Then the camera is placed somewhere in the city away from curious eyes and being kept for up to 6 months (sometimes even longer). Later the exposed sheet of paper is taken from the camera in a dark room and without any chemical development scanned as a negative. Surprisingly the resulting images are color even when a monochrome photo paper is used.

These solargraphy photos were made by Ignas Kutavicius – a Lithuanian artists currently based in Sweden. More of his work can be seen in his portfolio webpage.

Exposure: 91 Days (Göteborg, Sweden)

Date: 2012.07.27 – 2012.09.16

Exposure: 51 Days (Göteborg, Sweden)

Date: 2012.07.27 – 2012.09.16

Exposure: 61 Days (Göteborg, Sweden)

Date: 2012.07.17 – 2012.09.16

Exposure: 55 Days (Jönköping, Sweden)

Date: 2012.04.01 – 2012.05.26

Exposure: 55 Days (Jönköping, Sweden)

Date: 2012.04.01 – 2012.05.26

Exposure: 142 Days (Göteborg, Sweden)

Date: 2012.02.26 – 2012.07.17

Exposure: 179 Days (Kaunas, Lithuania)

Date: 2011.06.27 – 2011.12.23

Exposure: 151 Days (Göteborg, Sweden)

Date: 2011.06.17 – 2011.11.15

Exposure: 190 Days (Maciuičiai, Lithuania)

Date: 2011.07.02 – 2012.01.08

Exposure: 55 Days (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

Date: 2011.03.08 – 2011.05.02