There is a Latin maxim “De gustibus non est disputandum“ literally meaning that you don‘t argue about taste, but more broadly implicating that everyone‘s preferences are subjective and they can‘t be right or wrong.

Well, people on the internet would challenge that notion as they are showing no mercy for a popcorn salad that went viral. Chef Molly Yeh shared a recipe which includes popcorn and mayonnaise and the internet is horrified. People are expressing their disgust and even calling the salad a crime against humanity.

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A video of TV chef Molly Yeh making popcorn salad with mayonnaise went viral and people are disgusted by the dish

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Molly Yeh is an American cookbook author, blogger, and host of the Food Network cooking show Girl Meets Farm. Most of her recipes are inspired by her Jewish and Asian roots and her Midwestern surroundings as she moved from Brooklyn to a farm on the North Dakota-Minnesota border.

Usually her recipes are quite liked and look mouth-watering. If you go on any of her social media platforms, you can find delicious-looking snacks, main courses, and desserts. But people on the internet are agreeing that the popcorn salad should not have been made.

The ingredients include mayonnaise, popcorn, and vegetables

Image credits: Food Network

Image credits: Food Network

While she is making the salad, Molly explains that “Popcorn salad is one of those classic Midwestern dishes that you would often find in a church basement potluck.” According to her, the typical ingredients are vegetables, popcorn, and mayonnaise; some people put fish in it. She admits that hearing what goes into the salad, it sounds weird, but is confident saying that the final dish tastes really good.

Molly’s recipe includes vegetables like peas, carrots, and shallots whipped up with mayonnaise, sour cream, cider vinegar, sugar, and Dijon mustard. It all gets mixed with a pile of popcorn and the plate is finished off by putting watercress and some celery leaves on top.

The chef said that it was a typical Midwestern dish

Image credits: Food Network

Image credits: Food Network

Molly Yeh describes the salad as ‘crunchy’ but people have a hard time believing it, imagining that it should be soggy

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The chef does a taste test and is nodding to us expressing her approval. To describe the texture of the salad, she uses the word ‘crunchy’; however, people on the internet don’t believe that and imagine the popcorn being soggy, which is what makes the salad not edible for them. However, Molly says in the video “The texture of the popcorn in the salad is so weirdly good, I just can’t get enough of it.”

Molly had some friends over so they also got to taste the salad. One of the friends said that she’d never heard of a salad with popcorn, but for her, “it’s surprisingly delicious,” while other people on the internet, even those from Midwest, where the salad supposed to be a classic dish, were surprised to hear about such an unusual food combination.

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The salad was made by a Buzzfeed writer and she really didn’t like the outcome

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Everyone became a food critic, but we all know the saying don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. That is exactly what a writer for Buzzfeed did, so that we would all know what the salad tastes like and if it’s not a waste of perfectly good popcorn.

So, she made the salad and it didn’t look appetizing. For the sake of the experiment, she also tried it, but it tasted like it looked. The popcorn was soggy and the vegetables were crunchy, and it wasn’t a good mix. We shouldn’t say that it was a disappointment, because it was what we were expecting.

This was the first time a lot of people had heard about a popcorn salad, but you can actually find a lot of recipes on Google

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Weirdly enough, if you google ‘popcorn salad,’ several recipes come up, some of which were posted several years ago. They too include the controversial ingredient in this dish, mayonnaise, and various vegetables. A lot of them suggest you include bacon and a warning that it must be served immediately and it does not make a great leftover meal.

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Under the Twitter video commentators were saying that they would never eat this salad and were sorry for Molly’s friends who had to try it. Others were calling it a crime, joking that they should call the police or simply putting puking emojis and gifs.

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The video of her making the weird salad went viral when it was shared on Twitter by Cody Tapp. In a couple of days it racked up 3 million views. It was originally aired on the Food Network, but it only now gained more attention, only not for the right reasons.

People in the comments are horrified by this salad and are roasting it without mercy

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