Turns out sometimes all it takes to brighten up a rescued senior dog’s life is a pair of colorful socks! Old girl Leia the pug was adopted from Under My Wing Pug Rescue two years ago and was enjoying her new loving home… until her owners changed the floor. “Last fall we ripped out our carpets in our condo and installed the wood flooring and found that she was slipping and sliding and not getting the hang of the floors at all,” pug’s ‘mom’ Niki Geroni-Lajoie told The Dodo. “I was worried she was going to sprain something, being so old and wobbly already.” The best solution turned out to be getting Leia some colorful socks, and now the pooch has the whole collection of them – socks of a spiderwoman, a princess, a superwoman… Apparently, putting on socks is like a switch to Leia – the whole dog’s character changes as the socks make the puggie super happy.

“She went from being fairly immobile and fearful to walk across the floor to trundling around with a lot of confidence just by putting on her socks,” Geroni-Lajoie explains. “She helps put them on. She knows they help her.”

Geroni-Lajoie adds that when the pug has socks on, “[Leia] runs around and you can tell she’s really happy and waggy.”

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Meet Leia the rescued pug who couldn’t be happier about her socks!

When her owners changed the floor, it became too slippery and dangerous for the senior dog to walk

So puggie’s ‘mom’ decided to get her some colorful socks – and it turned a sad pup into a happy pup!

“She went from being fairly immobile… to trundling around with a lot of confidence”

Now that she knows the magic of socks, Leia doesn’t want to take them off…