Winter in Scandinavia will last for like six months. So I got bored and restless and decided to glue googly eyes to everything all over my monochrome hometown.

I think it’s called eyebombing. I hope you’ll like it!

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Hello ladies

This is how winter in Sweden feels like

This is the worst one. It looks exactly like the friend you’ve got who’s always happy because he’s too stupid to realize that everything sucks


Before you get all upset over this; I actually never glue the eyes to statues, its just adhesives

The classic under cover police in the club-look. Just chillin by the bar


This is me every time I hear someone say “shots”


When you wake up and try to remember how you even got home last night

When you and your best friend tries to act normal to get into the club even though you drank hela systembolaget like ten minutes ago

Chillin with bae in the park

When its Sunday and you don’t wanna be alone but you also don’t wanna leave home

Turning in your assignment like

Parent: So how’s your studying going? Me: