Discover the beauty Inside Small! Curator, Lisa D’Amico is excited to announce the fourth installment of her now annual juried small works exhibition, this year at The Stable Gallery, 259 N. Maple Ave, Ridgewood, New Jersey. Inside Small will be on view from August 2, 2019 through August 29, 2019.

Inside Small challenged 75 artists from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut to create works no larger than 10″ inches in any direction with no limitation on imagination. Artists worked in various mediums from collage to photography to watercolor. While the artists are connected by their commitment to small, the beauty of these small works allows for a notable presence of creativity, and undeniable talent. Their smallness demands the viewer’s close inspection and contemplation.

Small works provide a rare and affordable opportunity to begin an art collection or to add to your current one as well as to purchase a one of kind gift. View the online gallery at

Participating Artists: Meera Agarwal, Joi Alicea, Elliot Appel, Lydia Baldassarre, Bonnie Bard Wild, Sandro Barone, John Bednarczyk, Maureen Bennett, Maria Bowden, Ashley Buttino, Erin Cardullo, Michael Craft, Diane Churchill, Susan Darby, T. Andrew Dempsey, Ely Dennis, Yogamy Ferreras-Farley, Nicole Gamboa, Angelica Garcia, Andrea Geller, Trine Giaever, Emily Gilman Beezley, E. Susan Haiken, Martina Hanna, Marina Happaney, Gail Hawthorne, Jill Hellman, Mia Howard, Janet Indick, Alex Katsenelinboigen, Vicky Katzman, HJ Kleiber, Eleanor Kopchinksy, Eugene Lagana, Phyllis Lauer, Paul Leibow, Renee Ludwiczak, Daniel Lukens, Dina Maman, Peggy Mann, Bonnie McGown, Meagan J. Meehan, Sarah Miani, Richard Misrok, Pamela Moore, William Nicolosi, Elaine Norman, Brian Oakes, Maria Teresa Ortiz-Naretto, Hunter Parker, Christina Quinci, Dorrie Rifkin, Lynn Ronan, Aviva Sakolsky, Salvador Sanchez, Sharon Savitz, Ilene Schwartz-Montesinos, Fiona Karen, Laurence E. Sachs, Joyce Scribner, Ken Sharp, Dorit Shmuel, Jana Sico, Debbie Silberberg, Caren Sommer-Lazar, Chloe Tompkins, Pattiann Truocchio, Shobha Vanchiswar, Avani Vora, Melissa Weiland, Noah Weinbaum, James Winans, Fernanda Pereira Witdorchic, Chris Yacopino, Matilda Yacopino, Tony Ziegler

More info:

Artist, Bonnie Wild paints on tiny tea bags.

Artist, Maureen Bennett created artwork that only measures 5″ x 4″.

Artist, Phyllis Lauer carves small birds from wood found in the Hudson River.

Artist, Melissa Weiland’s precious painting is only 2″ x 5″.