This is Sljemenka first dog runner with runner’s heart and mind.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, ff you need motivation, or just want to see something positive and nice… scroll down and enjoy!

Hi guys! This is me – Sljemenka. I’m in love with running and other outdoor activities

I’m an Alaskan Malamute from Croatia.

My hobbies are running, hiking and other outdoor activities. I train regulary and participate in races (5K, 20K, half marathon, trail and trekking races).

This is my beautiful human Žana

When we talk about perfect human we talk about her.. .

Training in Maksimir (Zagreb)

I train with Brooks Running team (Zagreb) and AK Sljeme (Zagreb), almost every day- there is much more fun when you run with friends!

Here we have a short briefing.. it’s going to be a fun run today :)

I don’t mind if it’s cloudy…

…or sunny…

…or it’s raining…

…or it’s snowing…

…or it’s a night…

I run

The most important thing is not to skip trainings!

Because if you do not skip trainings you will achieve your goal.

This is me before race. I was a little bit nervous

My 10k race!

In finish line. Look how I’m happy!

My human and me on half marathon!

Look… she run a half marathon with my bowl in hand so I can drink water on refreshment points!

I finished a Durmitor Trek!

Let’s go human! You can do it!

Sometimes we get in trouble

I admit! Can’t always stay focused on running… sometimes I just see a cold water… and then… This picture reminds me of something… things I have learned from my running family!

Support each other

Sometimes we get tired, sometimes we want to quit, sometimes we think we are going to fail, sometimes we fail…

It’s easier when you know you are not alone.

We believe in one another!

Be proud of yourself and others

Take care of others

Look outside of the box

Try new things! Do not be afraid of adventure! Go ahead! Take a friend with you!

You can do it!

Take time for your friends

Take time for yourself

Enjoy life