If you haven’t noticed yet, September is coming to an end, which means that the spooky season is just around the corner! And if you’re a hardcore Halloween fan, you already know that it’s about time to start preparing for the big day.

But here’s the thing. It’s 2020. Not the best times so far. And after all we’ve been through, I think we truly deserve something special for this year’s Halloween. Luckily, Home Depot thinks so too and they decided to bless our souls by selling this giant 12-foot skeleton decoration.

More info: homedepot.com

This 12-foot bad boy can be yours for just $299

Image credits: The Home Depot

Besides being absolutely massive, this skeleton also has animated eyes, which makes him even spookier. Apparently, the eyes of the skeleton are LCD, so they are able to move and blink.

“This skeleton is the only thing that has cured my depression,” a customer wrote in their review on the Home Depot website

Image credits: The Home Depot

The skeleton also comes with a durable metal frame and ground stakes for stability. Besides, The Home Depot website claims that this decoration is weather-resistant, so it’s perfect for the outdoors.

As if the skeleton wasn’t spooky enough, he also has animated eyes that can move and blink

Image credits: The Home Depot

Let’s admit, it would look pretty damn impressive standing in someone’s front yard. On The Home Depot website, the larger-than-life skeleton already has over 90 5-star reviews and people seem to be absolutely in love with this bad boy.

“What an awesome Halloween decoration. He definitely added some coolness to our yard. Every day we have had people stop and take pics of our yard and of him,” one customer wrote in their review.

Image credits: The Home Depot

“This skeleton is the only thing that has cured my depression. I’ve never been so happy and gotten so many compliments,” another review reads.

People all over Twitter seem to be absolutely fascinated by him

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Apparently, some people already have him standing in their front yard

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While others simply can’t stop thinking about him…

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He has sort of turned into a true internet sensation

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People are even using his pictures to create memes

Image credits: juuliusczr

Or creating memes about him

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This skeleton is so famous he even inspired people to create fan art

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How do you feel about this giant 12-foot skeleton? Would you like to have something like this standing in your front yard? Tell us down in the comments!