Brixham-based sculpture artist and author Clive Maddison did each and every one of these majestic tree creations by twisting single strands of wire into roots, trunks, branches, and leaves. What makes these tree sculptures even more amazing is how well-made they are – there are no adhesives and no soldering has been done. It’s all wire!

Some of the trees sit on wooden bases made of a variety of tree species, including Yew and American Walnut. Each wire tree looks radically different from the next one and comes with an explanation of the real trees that they are based on and where the artist got his inspiration. Maddison’s ongoing wire artworks pay homage to the vast diversity of the natural world.

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My sculptures are inspired by the trees I see,” Maddison told Bored Panda about his unique art. “Many are made in the form of a particular species but are not necessarily a copy of a particular tree. Occasionally I will use a photograph to try to get close to an actual tree.

I mainly twist by hand and tighten the larger branches with pliers. I also have a few special tools that I have made myself to help with some of the difficult tasks.

A sculpture can take between twenty and forty hours depending on complexity. This is half the time it took for my first ones.

I feel it is quite fitting to use wood for the bases of my sculptures as it reflects the beauty of what a tree produces.

I wouldn’t say the materials were influenced by my work as an electrician but it is certainly true that manipulating wires without losing track of what the end goal is comes naturally from my skill in this field.

We’d like to thank Clive for his interview. We wish him the best of luck with his beautiful sculptures!