Today’s mass-produced Valentine cards with generic, visual cliches have lost much sense of romanticism. Singaporean illustrator creates personalisable, thematic Colouring Cards to revive the significance for this love-filled day.

Black and white illustration cards capturing couples’ hopes and dreams at every stage of the relationship are waiting to be brought to life with colour.

Couples can inject their personal touch, colouring in a unique fantastical world where they plot escapism to a love wonderland, travel the galaxy, embrace life’s simple moments and grow very old together.

Valentine doesn’t have to be about red hearts with glitter — It’s about freedom to colourfully express what and who you really love.

Colouring card: SGD $7.80.
Work of art for your Valentine: Priceless.

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“Love is a Wonderland.”

“Travel the Galaxy.”

“Embrace Life’s Simple Moments.”

“Grow Very Old Together.”

Get our Colouring Cards from any of the following retailers in Singapore: 1. Allscript 2. Naiise 3. Faber-Castell Flagship Boutique (Ion Orchard)