A marriage of art and fashion. ERA ORA, a Singaporean scarf and pocket square label, serves up their own unique brand of surrealistic art printed on huge silk crepe de chine canvases. These scarves and pocket squares feature psychedelic prints of dripping diamonds, flowers creeping out of the gold frames which surround them and whimsical pink clouds floating out a picture frame. The dreamlike quality of these contemporary art prints pushes the boundaries of reality into a world of uninhibited imagination, with each piece telling a little story of its own.

For artist and designer Euny L., using scarves and pocket squares as her canvas was the perfect marriage between art and fashion. “Each piece is designed in such a way that the combination of colours mesh well together no matter how it is worn. The art print takes on a completely different look when draped or folded as a scarf or pocket square – only the wearer knows the art it beholds,” says Euny L., who currently is based in Hong Kong.

For jet-setters and wanderlusters alike, the ERA ORA Voyage line of vintage map print accessories is sure to delight. The latest collection in their Voyage line features Asian, European and North American map prints, along with railroad map lines that add a unique touch to these travel-themed accessories.

More info: eraora.com

Statue Of Aphrodite Dripping Out Of Its Gold Frame

Dreamlike Art Prints

Wearable Art Pocket Squares