I’m illustrating my children’s book (due out June 2019) and am having trouble controlling the smoothness of my lines since I’m learning to use the Apple Pencil and IPad Pro. The surface of the Pro is super smooth, and, for me, learning to draw on it has been like spiders trying to skate on glass. I normally draw on paper with pen and pencil and have complete control of my linework there, but this new media has been a bit of a challenge for me. I created these silly spiders when I was doodling and working on those darned lines. I hope you enjoy them! BTW, I LOVE my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil! Best. Drawing. Tools. Ever!

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Why Spiders Live Alone

Jumping Spider

The Spider Family Photo


Hooray! It’s Monday!

Windy Days

Kids & Car Seats

Movie Night

Signs the Kids Are Watching too Much Spider-Man

Happy Birthday!

When Spiders Play Cats Cradle

There’th Thomething Thtuck in My Theeth


The Joy of Cooking

Bug Brothers

Bug Families