Bangkok-based photographer Visarute Angkatavanich has created an incredible series of portraits of the Siamese fighting fish, highlighting this species’ spectacular coloration and flamboyant fins.

Angkatavanich’s photographs are simple and professional, with black or white backgrounds behind the fish that allow you to focus on their incredible coloration and makes them seem weightless and isolated.

The Siamese fighting fish, known simply as the betta in the West, is a small fish that originates from the rice paddies of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. They have been bred since the 19th century (and possibly sooner) for their flamboyant appearance and for their territorial aggression. Bets would be placed on fights between male fish, which almost always resulted in a death for one of the contenders. When not fighting, the fish are prized for their extravagant colors and fins. Breeders have managed to isolate a wide range of colors and fin varieties, and can even breed metallic-looking fish and fish with marbled patterns.

If you’re thinking of getting some beautiful Siamese fighting fish, be sure to separate the male fish. Otherwise, they may resort to territorial aggression and you may find yourself a fish short.