There are a lot of disgusting ways people body-shame others. Luckily, people like Elizabeth Jean “Busy” Philipps constantly remind us that we have to stand up for ourselves and ot allow the trolls to get under our skin. The savage actress has just schooled a man who mocked her post-workout selfie on Instagram in a way that he will probably never forget.

A lecture on grammar? Check. A lesson on common human decency? Check. A sassy poetic insult? Ohhh, you bet.

“You know how when you’re a woman, sometimes people feel like they should be able to comment about your body all the time or make laws about your body? Well when you’re an actress, or any female in the public eye, everyone feels that they can comment on your body all the f—— time,” Philipps said. “The amount of people in my long 20-year career in this industry who’ve come up to me in grocery stores and Bed Bath and Beyonds to talk with people about my weight … I think it’s a good thing to err on the side of ‘Let’s not talk to people about their bodies unless they bring it up first and they want to talk about their bodies.'”

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Busy Philipps is the sass queen, best known for her roles on TV series Freaks and Geeks and Dawson’s Creek

Recently, she posted this post-workout pic, rocking a sports bra and leggings

And one Instagram troll decided to leave a nasty comment

Immediately, the 39-year-old actress taught him a lesson he will never forget

People applauded her shameless comeback