Size doesn’t matter. No, wait, hang on, that’s not what I meant. I was talking about height! So, yeah, height doesn’t matter when it comes to whether or not you’re a good person. Being shorter doesn’t automatically make you less great (we call that concentrated awesomeness). And being taller doesn’t automatically make you virtuous. Even so, the vast majority of women (and voters!) are attracted to tall guys.

A woman named Lizz Adams sparked a debate about dating tall and short guys when she posted a photo of her “king” of a husband who is just 5’5” (165 cm), while she towers over him in the pic. However, she and her husband were of the opinion that tall guys are simply bad people. A lot of cute couples posted photos of them and their shorter partners, while others pointed out the obvious fact that there’s no objective relation between your height and your character. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s exclusive interview with comedian Lizz where she clears up some misunderstandings and talks about the purpose of her Twitter thread.

While we’re on the topic of height differences, be sure to check out our wholesome post about the Perks of Being Short by the incredibly talented illustrator Brisa, creator of Three Under the Rain.

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Lizz’s picture of her and her shorter husband went viral

Image credits: Lizz

Image credits: Lizz

Image credits: Lizz

Image credits: Lizz

Image credits: Lizz

Some people in relationships also posted their own pics where the guy is shorter

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Lizz’s viral thread got nearly 27k retweets and over 190k likes. But far from everyone was happy with what she had to say. However, Lizz cleared up any misunderstandings others had when she talked to Bored Panda towards tall guys.

Lizz told Bored Panda that the internet’s reaction to her short men tweets was big. “The reaction was much bigger than I’d anticipated, to be honest! It blew up after a couple of big accounts retweeted it, and I think it hit a nerve with a lot of people who misunderstood the intention behind it.”

“I’m a comedian, so I speak in hyperbole a lot, but a lot of people thought I was being dead serious or trying to speak badly about tall people which was not my intention. I am taller than my husband, who I love very much, but was just pointing out how arbitrary height requirements are, and that discounting a potential partner based on their height could prevent you from meeting someone really special,” she cleared up any misunderstandings.

“Being a good man has nothing to do with how you look”

We wanted to hear Lizz’s opinion about why a lot of men might feel insecure about being shorter than women. Here’s what she said: “I imagine it’s because of the reaction people have when they see a taller woman with a shorter man. I don’t think the stigma applies as much to non-hetero couples, but there’s this perception that women should be with men that are larger than them and that sort of toxic masculinity makes men feel like they have to be huge and strong to be manly, but being a good man has nothing to do with how you look.”

Lizz also had some advice to give to girls interested in dating shorter guys and guys interested in taller girls. “My advice would be to shoot your shot! Get to know the person you’re interested in, establish a connection, and go for it! If they’re not interested, that’s ok, they’re not the person for you, move on to someone who appreciates you for you, not just your optics!”

Finally, she had this to add: “I just wanted to add that the only thing I regret about my original tweet is making light of a very real disease that affects a lot of people. I didn’t mean to shade alcoholics or imply that all tall people abuse alcohol, it was a flippant tweet I sent off without thinking, and I appreciate the people who brought that to my attention and apologize for any offense in that regard!”

Different opinions about what it means to be tall

Bored Panda conducted an informal (but totally, totally scientific) survey of 6 local women to find out from what height onwards they consider a guy to be tall. The answers varied, naturally.

One respondent said that she considers guys who are 5’10” (178 cm) or more to be tall. While another said that a guy isn’t tall unless he’s at least 6’1” (186 cm). Meanwhile, another woman explained that she wouldn’t even consider dating a man if he were to be shorter than 6’11” (180 cm). A fourth said that she’s 5’3” (160 cm), so any guy her height or bigger than her is tall in her eyes. Respondent number 5 was very generous and said that all guys over 5’9” (175 cm) are tall in her opinion. While the final respondent explained that guys have to be 6’3” (190 cm) if they want her attention.

Scientists explain what human beings tend to think of taller people

Remember, when I mentioned that it’s not just women but also voters who adore tall people? Well, it’s not just an educated guess, scientists actually analyzed the claim.

The vast majority of us instinctively see taller people as being physically stronger. It’s part of our evolutionary path and most animals correlate size with strength as well. This meant that we tended to support tall people as leaders because their strength used to make the difference between life and death in ancient history.

Human beings also tend to think of tall individuals as being more competent at their jobs than they might be which is an offshoot of the Halo Effect. And American voters historically tend to vote for taller candidates, as well.

Here’s what some people thought of Lizz’s tweets

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