Colonoscopy is a not-so-pleasant procedure when a doctor checks our “behinds” to spot any early signs of colon cancer or similar threats. But have you ever heard of ‘Colonoscopy Eve’? Well, it’s a thing. Yet it’s not the biggest event, since it’s celebrated only by Steve Martin, Martin Short and Tom Hanks, who get together so they can prepare for this check up. They get together, play some poker and don’t eat anything solid. So… They would be ready the next day. And when it comes, they all go to the doctor to make sure that no silent diseases are creeping upon them. Most people wouldn’t see anything positive in the need to perform regular colonoscopy check ups, but these guys prove that some taboos are just ridiculous and that you can always have a good time.

Colonoscopy is a medical exam which helps doctors detect and prevent such diseases as colon cancer, if people perform regular check ups

Image source: Alex Proimos

These check ups apply to everyone, including actors. Martin Short and Steve Martin were guests at Jimmy Kimmel’s Show and they surely had a story to tell

A story about them, together with Tom Hanks and one more of their buddies, getting together so they could prepare for an unpleasant procedure

The preparations consist of getting together, playing some poker and not eating anything solid, so they could prepare for the doctor the next day

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