The sea is a captivating subject for artists because of its inconceivable size and raw power. Clark Little, a surfer and photographer based in Hawaii, loves to get up close and personal with the sea and its power, taking breathtakingly beautiful photos from within powerful waves.

The surfer discovered his passion for wave photography after his wife expressed her interest in having a wave photo for the house and brought one home. “Honey, don’t buy that picture,” says Little, remembering the day. “I can go out and shoot one, I’ll get a camera and I’ll do it.

I like the power, I like the thunder, the sound, the feeling of that wave coming over and crunching, and being right in the heart of it,” gushes Little. The waves he shoots are dangerous, extending up to 15 feet in height, but his love of the water keeps him coming back for more. Take a look at what he’s seen!

Source: | Instagram | Facebook (h/t: distractify, viralnova)