This artist by the name of milkdongcomics on Instagram creates illustrations. However, those illustrations are not simply art. They have a heavy message behind them—animal abuse. Many of us don't even think about all the ways animals are being mistreated by humanity. So this artist created a project called "Murder Scene" to shock us back to reality.

The art may be uncomfortable for many people, but it's the sad reality of many critters in this world. Perhaps this art will make us rethink our actions and create a world safe for animals. Many organizations are already working towards that. Consider donating to shelters and institutions working to save animals and give them a better life.

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Animal abuse is common all over the world. Research shows that animal abuse strongly connects with abuse against people. The most common animals abused are pets, like cats, dogs, and farm animals.

We asked the artist what inspired him to create these illustrations: "I love nature. All of the creatures on the earth are beautiful! Unfortunately, many of them are endangered, therefore, I created a collection of drawings with messages about animal cruelty. The name of the series is "HEY HUMAN, SEE WHAT YOU DO!?" I wanna convey the message to more people through my art, attract more people to raise awareness about the endangered creatures. This is a serious issue!"

There are many forms animal abuse takes: from hoarding too many animals, breeding them incorrectly, to slaughtering them for fur, horns, and teeth, to even organizing fights and pitting animals against one another. Many would argue that there aren't enough laws to help prevent animal abuse; usually, people responsible for mistreating animals are not persecuted.

The artist shared what inspired him to touch upon such heavy topics: "The natural ecosystem is closely linked with humans, so I wanna try my best to do something for animals, the next-generation, and the earth!"

"Every time that animals are killed for human benefits, make me very angry!"

There are many discussions about testing drugs, makeup, and other products on animals. Many companies are going the cruelty-free route—however, many believe it's necessary to ensure the safety of the product.

Humans and animals have been inseparable from one another from the very beginning. Animals are a very important part of our lives, not to mention our planet. So please be considerate and report any animal abuse you see, donate, and help this world become a safer place for them.

"The most important message is when the buying stops the killing can too. Humans must wonder what is their needs, they should able to distinguishing between wants and needs. Desire is not essential. Just think about it before you buy, eat and use!"

Milk Dong Comics shared what he does in life: "I enjoy swimming in the ocean, walking in nature with my lovely doggies. Creating art is my job, Hong Kong is a society under commercial pressure and it is hard to survive in it. I had been employed in different industries for livelihood. For example designer, visual merchandiser, art teacher, sales, customer service, ware-houseman, restaurant waiter, fishmonger, coolie, and many more. However, even after all of it I never give up on art!"

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