Lisa Grossman, also known as the Tsarina of Tsocks, definitely lives up to her noble title: her knitted socks, imitating a shark that’s biting off your leg, leave people begging for a pair to buy! Long Island-based writer says on her website that she learned to knit while still sitting on her mother’s knee, and hasn’t stopped ever since.

One pair of the socks is designed to look as if the shark has already eaten your foot and is now up for the leg, while his other mates only have the toes left to munch on. To make the sharks look more realistic, some of them even have little Remora fishes attached to their bodies with Velcro stickers. Being a writer, Lisa couldn’t just knit the sharks: she also graced them with a poem: “Now just imagine how it feels/ When first your toes and then your heels/ And then, by gradual degrees,/ Your shins and ankles, calves and knees/ Are slowly eaten, bit by bit.” Cute, huh?