All around the world, residents, and staff of senior care homes have been under lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Naturally, in times like these, when most means of communication are limited, boredom can easily kick in. For this reason, Robert Speker—an activities coordinator at a care home called Sydmar Lodge in England—got creative to cheer up the residents, and his latest activity quickly went viral. He came up with an entertaining idea of a photoshoot recreating classic album covers with Sydmar Lodge's residents and staff, which he later shared on his Twitter account.

Talking to the Jewish News, Robert said: "I did the project to make them happy and I think the models' families have enjoyed it, with even grandchildren posting about their grandparents, but the risks of Covid means they could be in lockdown for a long time and I want to make it a good time."

Scroll down to see the bad-ass recreations and vote for the ones you liked the most!

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