Although it’s no secret that petitions can have the power to change the world (or someone’s life), most of us can’t help but shrug and scoff when we see someone share a rally for signatures on their social media. It’s mostly because the thousands of petitions circulating around usually have causes that are either ridiculous or don’t inspire people enough to move their fingers across the keyboard to sign it. And while examples like Caroline Criado-Perez’s banknote petition or the infamous Californian Recall Election Of 2003 exist, it’s no surprise that some appeals are created not to change the status quo, but to have a good laugh.

Someone recently created a petition, urging people to sell Montana to Canada

One of such petitions created on is titled “Sell Montana to Canada for $1 Trillion to eliminate the national debt” and has recently gained attention from the people of the internet. The petition seemingly originated on Reddit as a joke, but slowly gained traction as people started signing it and leaving hilarious comments.

Image credits: Sebastian Bergmann

The author of the petition summarized their claim, saying “We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something,” and it’s just about as serious as people think it is. Even Montana locals expressed their support, jokingly asking everyone to sign so they could move to Canada without moving costs. As long as people get to have innocent fun, right?

Here are some of the backers’ funny comments under the petition