From my childhood I was always a little bigger than the other kids in my school. I had chubby cheeks and big stomach and I have never had a vision how would I look if I would be thinner. Than the bullying started in my primary school…

I have always looked to choose my friends for their inner beauty and I have never cared how someone looks. As the time was passing by I became taller and bigger and people in my class started to noticing that. Year after year I have been named with many nicknames that reflected my looks and I have kept my feelings only for myself. I was always sad and I was not motivated at all.

One summer, on our holiday, I started to refuse food..I was always tired and didn’t have enough energy to function through the day. I have lost 18 pound in one month and I was diagnosed with anorexia. Only people who had anorexia knows what is like to live in your own head full of thoughts about your weight and looks. After few months I was also diagnosed with depression and ocd.

Then I found photography. Art was something that always gave me escape from real world and I have always admired people who could express their emotions through their work. I started to take black and white self-portraits in attic of my hous to express my feelings. Photography though me that our body is part of our being and that we are all unique and special in our own way.

Now, after five years of my diagnosis, I am an 18 years old student of photography on Academy Of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. Besides photography, animal activism and martial arts becomed my passion. I am happy with who I am and I have advise for everyone who has struggles with their weight : Always be proud of who you are because you are unique and special !

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