Dystopian future is here, and there’s literally no escape from it. While European countries fight for the safety of personal data on the Internet, China has adopted a Big Brother-style country-wide people tracking system. And we don’t mean the simple surveillance cameras as the Chinese took it to a whole another level with facial recognition and gait tracking so smart that you would never be able to cheat on.

Well, the tracking part might be counted as a security measure, but where the facial recognition software data is actually used is absolutely mind-blowing. The government records your credit history, fulfillment capacity, identity characteristics, social relationships, behavior and preferences, and based on your choices they will give you a social score from 350 to 950. If you fall into the ‘good citizen’ category with a score of more than 700, you’ll get better loan rates, you can skip queues, rent things without a deposit and even get better matches on dating sites. If you fall into the ‘bad’ category with lower scores you may be restricted from well-paying jobs, your kids will not be able to go to a good school and not only you’ll be banned from buying domestic flight tickets but also leaving the country. If that isn’t scary, we don’t know what is.

If you’ve read the dystopian fiction masterpiece by George Orwell called 1984, the eerie similarities will give you goose-bumps and probably some sleepless nights.

The future is now.

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