Justice and Jeremy Stamper are saving for a second wedding. The Tennessee couple met when they were 10 years old at Sunday school, started dating in high-school, and got married last year, aged 20 and 21 respectively. However, 19 days after their wedding, tragedy struck.

On August 20th, Justice was nearly killed in a terrible car accident. About a month later, she confessed to her husband, “I don’t want you to be mad….but I do not remember the wedding.” Jeremy’s reply was prompt. “I was heart broken and instantly said I would do it all again for her. She has memory loss from about 5 weeks before the wedding…She didn’t even know we were married.”

This August 1st, on the anniversary of their first wedding, the Stampers are getting married “again.” Jeremy is in school and working, and since Justice is still recovering from the accident, they have decided to ask the world for donations through a GoFundMe page.

More info: gofundme.com (h/t: abcnews, people)

Justice and Jeremy met in Sunday school when they were 10 years old

The couple married on August 1st, 2014

19 days after their wedding, Justice got in a terrible car accident

She lost 5 weeks worth of memories, including those of her wedding

“I was heart broken and instantly said I would do it all again for her” said Jeremy

Jeremy plans to re-do the wedding on August 1, 2015, the same day they married first

“We want to take in those memories that most people take for granted. They go through it, but don’t cherish them like they should”

“Hold onto them as if they’re the last things on earth because if they go away, it’s terrible”